It’s legal, now what? A beginner’s guide to cannabis | The Seattle …

Washington residents demonstrated their approval of cannabis consumption through medical legalization in 1998 and recreational legalization in 2012, but many have yet to try it.

It is legal to purchase, but now what? The legalization of cannabis in Washington state allows adults to enjoy cannabis in many forms: They can smoke dried cannabis flowers, inhale concentrated cannabis oil vapors, apply topical products (such as lotions or gels), or consume cannabis products in edible forms such as candies, baked goods, beverages and tinctures.

If one is curious about experiencing cannabis, but is unsure where to begin, it helps to visit a retailer that merchandises its products with a focus on what type of experience the consumer seeks.  This allows the customer to work closely with a knowledgeable store representative to aid in finding them the products that best fit their specific wants and needs.

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