In Denver, Marijuana Users Aren’t Hard-Core Partiers — They Really Just Want To Sleep

A new report from Consumer Research Around Cannabis found that almost half of all cannabis consumers buy the product to help them sleep – crushing the stereotype of party time stoners. (Shutterstock)

Contrary to the popular image of stoners as party animals, many cannabis users may just want to go to sleep, if a Denver-area survey is a reliable indicator. The survey, conducted by Consumer Research Around Cannabis, found that only pain relief rivals sleep as a reason for using marijuana.

Consumer Research surveyed 1,258 marijuana users in the Denver metropolitan area and nearby parts of Wyoming and Nebraska.

The survey found that 47.2% of the respondents bought marijuana to help them sleep. Using cannabis to resolve insomnia is so common that several sites like Leafly and HelloMD list top strains for going to sleep. HelloMD goes a

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