Sign Me Up: ASU to Pay Cannabis Patients to Try Various Strains

Are you a medical marijuana patient near Tempe, AZ? If so, Arizona State University has an opportunity for you.

In a study being overseen by professor Dr. Madeline Meier, a world-renowned substance use and behavior specialist, researchers are seeking to determine the immediate effects of different types of cannabis.

Meier, head of ASU’s Substance Use, Health and Behavior Lab, has undertaken several major cannabis studies in the past. Just last year, the lab’s research found that, over the long term, the worst health problems for adult cannabis consumers tend to be less-healthy teeth and gums. The research found no evidence that cannabis contributed to lung dysfunction or heart problems and even suggested that cannabis consumers were better than average in terms of body-mass index.

Her 2012 study, conducted when she was a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University, found that long-term cannabis consumption begun during

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