Comment: Testing, research benefit cannabis consumers

By Dr. Richard Kaufman

The commercial sale of marijuana products began in 2014, following the historic vote in Colorado and Washington in November of 2012. The economic impact has been significant and wide-spread throughout the two states ever since. Now in 2017, we are up to eight states that have legalized marijuana for recitational use, and 20 others where marijuana is legalized for medical use.

In a brand-new, billion-dollar industry that shows no signs of slowing, it makes sense that entrepreneurs far-and-wide want a piece of the cannabis business in these states, with more certainly to follow. But the influx of product to dispensaries is not necessarily a good thing, as testing, research and due diligence is often neglected in favor of speed to market and turning a profit. This is a major problem for the cannabis space, as testing and scientific research

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