BILL LEWIS: Offers too good to pass up?

The guy in North Korea is apparently really still ticked off that people keep making fun of his haircut. Hurricane Irma is intent on showing up Harvey. And Congress is back in session. You would think those three things alone would be enough to worry about. But as I celebrate another birthday this week (always thankful for those), according to the items that show up in my email inbox every day, I have many, many more pressing personal items to fret over in my advancing age. I really appreciate that many someones have taken the time to give me suggestions for improvement, but, really, can you stop now? I’m sure my friends and family will take up any slack if necessary.

For example, I seem to get daily offers for smooth-looking skin, plastic surgery (nothing specific, just overall stuff), new razors, glasses, weight-loss beverages (including one involving wine, which I admit

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