Study Suggests Higher CBD Levels Could Counteract Any Potentially Harmful Effects of Cannabis

As medical and recreational legalization has taken root across the United States, THC levels in top shelf marijuana have also increased by about 300 percent over the last few decades, while cannabidiol (CBD) levels have actually decreased. But while that combination might be a solid recipe for getting stoned, a new study suggests that cannabis with higher amounts of CBD may actually help counteract any possibly harmful long-term effects that stem from smoking the plant.

Researchers from Indiana University recently conducted an experiment on mice, frequently injecting them with doses of THC and CBD. When given pure THC, the mice showed signs of increased anxiety and memory impairment. However, when they received a dose of equal parts THC and CBD, the subjects did not experience any of the previously documented side effects. According to the lead study author Dr. Ken Mackie, the findings

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