Irish mom celebrates cannabis oil success as son now all but seizure-less

Cannabis oil has saved one 12-year-old Irish boy from potentially fatal seizures

The mother of a young ill Irish boy whose life has been dramatically turned around thanks to the use of cannabis oil is holding a special festival to raise awareness of the positive effects of the oil for those who suffer from seizures.

Billy Caldwell, age 12, suffers from incurable intractable and status epilepsy, diagnosed when he was just a few months old, which once one resulted in him having as many as 30 fatal seizures a day. The young boy, who hails from Co. Tyrone, has now not had a seizure in over 300 days, as his family is celebrating the miracle results cannabis oil has had on the young patient who doctors once believed would not survive.

He became the first person in the UK to use medicinal cannabis in April 2017 after months of campaigning. He was

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