Study of Marijuana’s Effects on PTSD Struggles to Recruit Vets …

WASHINGTON — After seven years of struggling to launch the first government-approved study of marijuana’s effects on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, lead researcher Sue Sisley was optimistic in February, when her team was finally allowed to start enrolling veterans to participate.

Seven months later, though, Sisley has screened thousands of veterans, yet enrolled only 26 who meet the eligibility criteria — prompting concern the study’s parameters must change. If that happens, the study could be delayed, Sisley said.

At issue is the researchers’ lack of access to the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Phoenix, just 20 miles from where the study is being conducted. Sisley sees potential there to find a large group of veterans who might be resistant to other PTSD treatments and looking for an alternative.

“None of this would have to occur if the Phoenix VA hospital would start cooperating,” Sisley said. “If that happens, we

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