Cancer survivor tells how cannabis oil ‘saved her life’ after being told …

A cancer patient diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour has credited cannabis oil for her incredible recovery.

In December 2013 doctors told Lynn Cameron she had just “six to 18 months” to live.

After several session of chemotherapy and radiotherapy the 48-year-old opted to try cannabis oil in a desperate bid to save her life.

Incredibly, almost four years after her diagnosis, Lynn is still alive and is now pushing “for the reform of the current prohibitive laws around the use of cannabis for medication”.

Lynn explained: “I took a seizure on November 30, 2013, prior to which I had been quite well.

“I had a scan on December 10 and it showed a mass, and I was taken straight into Southern General at that point.

“I was operated on on December 16, and on December 27 I was told that I had stage 4 terminal brain cancer.

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