Washington Study: Legalized Marijuana Didn’t Increase Youth Usage

The kids, as they say, are quite alright in Washington state. Any preceding worry that legalizing recreational cannabis would drive increased usage appear misguided, according to a new study from the Washington state legislature’s think tank.

As the Seattle Times first reported, youth marijuana use and cannabis-abuse treatment admission have not risen in the state since implementing cannabis laws three years ago. Under stipulations from Initative-502, the state’s marijuana law, the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP) must periodically administer cost-benefit analyses regarding the legalization of cannabis. This can run anywhere from prenatal usage to driving while high.

“In these initial investigations, we found no evidence that I-502 enactment, on the whole, affected cannabis abuse treatment admissions,” the study states. “Further, within Washington State, we found no evidence that the amount of legal cannabis sales affected cannabis abuse treatment admissions.


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