Could Cannabis Actually Affect The Way You Walk? Researchers Think So

You’ve likely heard of things like cottonmouth and weed dick.

But what about the pot-smoker swagger?


Well, that may soon change, as a new study suggests that consuming cannabis affects how you walk.

University of South Australia researchers conducted a study with 44 participants in their 20s. After dividing the participants into cannabis consumers and non-consumers, researchers conducted a series of screening tests, walking and balance tests and clinical neurological examinations of their movements.

The researchers found that those who consumed cannabis had “stiffer shoulders, more flexible elbows and quicker knees, which move faster than those of non-users, while walking.”

While the researchers say further research is needed to establish why and how cannabis consumption impacts movement, they found no significant difference in neurological function and ability to balance between consumers and non-consumers.

“The changes in walking were small enough that a neurologist specializing in movement disorders was not able to detect

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