Cannabis May Be More Effective at Reducing Anxiety than Traditional Medication, New Study Finds

The more research is done on cannabis, the more possibilities are discovered for medical uses of the drug. A new research study exploring the interaction of cannabis use and stress has found that chronic cannabis users have a “blunted” response to stress. This research, although not entirely conclusive, may be the first step towards creating a cannabinoid-based anxiety medication.

The study, published this month in Psychopharmacology, measured stress levels by tracking the amounts of cortisol in the study participants’ saliva. Cortisol levels are a reliable indicator of stress, and previous research has confirmed that higher cortisol levels correlate with an individual’s response to stressful situations.

Researchers assigned 40 daily cannabis users and 42 non-users to randomly complete the Maastricht Acute Stress Test. The test manipulates both physiological stress, by making participants put their hands in ice water, and psychosocial stress, by making them solve difficult math problems while

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