Australian Study says Weed Makes You Walk Funny

CYBERSPACE—According to media reports, researchers at the University of Southern Australia recently published a study that found marijuana users’ gait differs slightly from the way non-marijuana users walk. Citing increasing cannabis legalization in the United States, media outlets like highlighted the importance of more substantial studies on the effects of cannabis.

Media outlets, however, did not highlight current federal policies that cripple efforts to conduct academic cannabis research in the United States, and the stigma attached to cannabis by its designation as a Schedule 1 narcotic.

The study, titled “History of cannabis use is associated with altered gait,” which was published in medical journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, followed two groups of subjects, each comprised of twenty-two participants. One group did not use cannabis, and the other group had a history of cannabis use (at least five incidents of use), but without history of using other drugs like

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