These Universities Are Turning A Small Canadian Province Into A Cannabis World Leader

Two universities in Fredericton, New Brunswick are helping a small Canadian province become a world leader in the cannabis industry. Earlier this week, the University of New Brunswick announced the creation of a revolutionary position on campus – the Health Research Chair in Cannabis, which is designed to bring consistency and credibility to cannabis research in Canada and around the globe.

It’s only the second position of its kind in the world. The very first was announced last May by Fredericton’s St. Thomas University. Together, the two chairs will help fill significant gaps in cannabis science that have been caused by marijuana prohibition.

“Because of the fact that it was basically an illegal substance, all the big pharmaceutical companies were very, very hesitant – and still are – to engage in anything that deals with that kind of natural product,” Dr. Bruno Battistini – President, CEO and Scientific Director of the ... read more at:


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