Maltese Oncologist Sets The Record Straight On New Synthetic Cannabis Oil

The news that a synthetic form of a hemp-based oil will soon be hitting the Maltese market was met with outrage by several people, who argued it is unfair to allow in an extremely expensive product while at the same time ban the natural form of the oil. 

Lovin Malta can confirm, after contacting the Medicines Authority’s chairperson Prof. Anthony Serracino Inglott, that discussions are underway to extend the Drug Dependence Act to include synthetic cannabinoids. 

We also met up with renowned oncologist Nick Refalo, who provided the specialist’s signature needed for the drug to be imported to the island. 

He said that he had been approached by Paul Apap Bologna, managing director of the pharmaceutical distributing company Associated Drug Company (ADC), to request that he sign an application that would allow ADC to import the drug into Malta. 

Unlike previously reported, this in no way means that Refalo is the only Maltese oncologist

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