Now The DEA Is Trying To Crush Cannabis Research

The already restrictive rules around cannabis have gotten tighter, as the DEA has reduced the intended amount of government cannabis grown for research purposes.

As Alicia Wallace at The Cannabist reports, each year the DEA sets aggregate production quotas, or APQ. These ostensibly reflect the need for research and industrial purposes.

This year, the quotas for cannabis have dropped from 472,000 grams to 443,680 grams.

Two things to keep in mind. First, the University of Mississippi is currently the only authorized supplier of research cannabis, via the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Second, the DEA announced last year that it would allow more places to apply for licenses to cultivate research marijuana – but none of them have been approved.

For their part, the DEA insists that “business goals and strategies are not factors” when it comes to setting the APQ for the year. But if nothing else, this story shows how the

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