Doctor misstated dangers of medical cannibas – Bryan

It was disappointing to read Dr. Matthew Poling’s misleading column (Eagle, July 23). He criticized my July 15 “Cannabis 101” seminar held at the First United Methodist Church of Bryan, referring to it as a “sales pitch” based on “pseudo-science” that “might have made a 19th century snake oil salesman blush.”

National medical cannabis research pioneer and internationally respected neurologist Ethan B. Russo says cannabis is the most pharmacologically active (rich in therapeutic chemicals) plant on the planet, and far safer than many of the remedies found in most American medicine cabinets. While not a panacea, cannabis is an effective anti-inflammatory agent with strong brain-protecting properties. In fact, the human body naturally produces cannabis-like chemicals that are required for human health. When the body is unable to produce enough of these chemicals on its own, components of the cannabis plant can help correct these deficiencies.

Dr. Poling implied that the purpose of

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