A simple, inexpensive piece of tech is upending the burgeoning marijuana industry

Behold: The small, cheap device that’s disrupting the $7 billion
legal cannabis business.

Cannabis vape cartridgeBen Gilbert/Business Insider

This tiny combination of plastic, glass, and metal is a
disposable cannabis oil cartridge. It costs anywhere from
$30 to $70 (depending on the oil inside), is easily carried in
your pocket, and produces little-to-no smell when consumed. You
simply screw it into an inexpensive, rechargeable pen and inhale.
That’s it.

It’s this tiny device that’s quickly taking over cannabis
consumption in America’s largest cannabis market: California.
Nearly a quarter of sales from 2016, tracked by marijuana delivery service Eaze, were
for cartridges:

... read more at: http://www.businessinsider.com/vaping-marijuana-industry-2017-7


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