Potheads don’t stress easily, say WSU researchers – The Spokesman

Washington State University researchers have found evidence supporting an already popular theory: that regular cannabis users stay more relaxed in stressful situations.

The study, published recently in the journal Psychopharmacology, found that daily – or “chronic” – cannabis users were significantly calmer than non-users when subjected to a barrage of physiological and psychosocial stressors – even though all of the participants were sober on the day of testing.

“This study is actually quite novel and new and different from those that have been previously conducted,” said Carrie Cuttler, an assistant clinical professor in WSU’s psychology department and the lead author of the study.

Cuttler said only a small amount of research has examined the relationship between cannabis use and stress, and much of it relies on self-reported data. As might be expected, most survey respondents list “relaxation” or “stress relief” among the top reasons they use pot on a regular basis,

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