NFL Reportedly Writes NFLPA with Offer to Study Marijuana for Pain …

Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

The NFL reached out to the NFL Players Association with an offer to work together in order to research the effects of marijuana in pain management.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the NFLPA is already conducting a study on the matter, and it has yet to respond to the NFL.

NFL Executive Vice President of Communications Joe Lockhart said the following regarding the matter in an email to CNN:

“Can confirm we did reach out to the NFLPA in early July proposing we work together on some research on the impact of marijuana and pain management. While they’ve acknowledged our letter, we don’t yet have a commitment from them to work together on this.”

Marijuana has been heralded by some as a preferred option for pain relief among NFL players than opiates due to the possible perils

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