Louisville’s Balfour Senior Living to hold cannabis talks amid growing interest

For many baby boomers — a generation exposed to the transitory zap of an annealing, collective spirit steeped in ’60s psychedelia — a reintroduction of wide-scale marijuana use in the modern age has struck a relatively familiar chord.

So says Charlotte Peyton, vice president of business development at Pueblo-based Stratos, maker of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products, who along with a pair of doctors will hold a presentation about the benefits of contemporary cannabis use at Louisville’s Balfour Senior Living in August — the first in a string of talks addressing how marijuana can help those among Colorado’s 65-plus crowd.

It comes as the plant’s stigma, one bound to it for decades when counterculture sensibilities dissipated after the “Summer of Love” soured, has slowly lifted in the years since Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana.

Along with the reversal in attitude has come a renewed urgency for cannabis’ medical benefits, advocates say.

“Education is

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