New Study Links Marijuana Usage to Decreased Academic Success …

A new study out of the Netherlands is proving to be the most accurate yet on the effects of marijuana legalization and it has identified a disturbing result: College students with access to marijuana on average earn worse grades and fail classes at a higher rate. 

Economists Olivier Marie and Ulf Zolitz studied the city of Maastricht in the Netherlands. It’s home to Maastricht University and chose to change the rules for “cannabis cafes,” barring non-citizens of the Netherlands from buying from the cafes. 

Maastricht is close to the borders of Belgium, France and Germany and the drug tourism was proving difficult for the city to handle.

Because of the new rule, students attending Maastricht University from neighboring countries were suddenly unable to access legal pot. Meanwhile, students from the Netherlands continued to use it unhindered.

In their study, published in the Review of Economic Studies, found that out of more than

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