Cannabis for our canines – The Spokesman

When Deb Lynam’s golden retriever Benny suffered a major medical episode, she initially sought out traditional veterinary medicine. Unfortunately, she concluded that the recommendation she received could have harmed or even killed him.

Two years ago Benny had a massive seizure.

“It was such a scary event,” recalled Lynam. “His body was flipping out of control all over the living room. But the vet wasn’t going to do anything because it was just one seizure.”

Lynam brought Benny back to the Spokane-area home also shared by Flinn, another golden retriever, and Twosie, a Jack Russell terrier. Then Benny had two more seizures.

“He was so out of it that he grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go. The vet ran tests: idiopathic epilepsy from an unknown cause. She prescribed barbiturates.”

As a nursing assistant at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation’s brain injury unit, she knew that side effects of barbiturates could include stupor, loss of coordination, instability,

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