Students Using Cannabis Fail University Courses More Often, According To Study

When it comes to cognitive benefits, cannabis is a bit of a mixed bag, with various studies concluding that it’s either good or bad in this regard. A new study, published in the Review of Economic Studies, comes down on the latter side thanks to a rather novel experiment.

After observing 4,000 students lose or retain access to marijuana at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, they found that, on average, those that partook in a little doobie or two earn worse grades and fail courses at a far higher rate than those that don’t.

As reported by the Washington Post, the experiment, rather curiously, set itself up.

Maastricht is close to the border of Belgium, France, and Germany, and many tourists come over the border to sample varieties of weed before popping off home again. Authorities decided the influx of pot tourists was too high, and they barred

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