Legal Cannabis May Have Negative Impact on Academic Success, Suggests New Study

A newly released study suggests that access to legal cannabis could have a negative impact on the grades of college students.   

The city of Maastricht, located in the southern part of the Netherlands, decided to disallow non-citizens from legally buying marijuana at local cannabis cafes. Since Maastricht is close to the border of Belgium, France, and Germany, lawmakers ultimately decided to put a stop to the drug tourism that was growing in their town. However, this rule change also created unique circumstances for college students studying at the Maastricht University, leaving foreign residents unable to lawfully purchase pot.

And so, two economists named Olivier Marie and Ulf Zölitz decided to conduct a study on the new rift created between Dutch and international students. The duo observed over 4,000 students and discovered that non-citizens who lost access to legal marijuana showed a substantial improvement in their grades.

Ultimately, the research team credited the

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