Study: Increasing marijuana use during teen years linked to …

New U.S. research has found that using marijuana at an increasing rate over time during adolescence may be associated with an increased risk of depression in later life and a lower number of educational accomplishments.

Carried out by researchers from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Pitt Department of Psychology, the team analyzed 158 boys and young men who were part of The Pitt Mother Child Project (PMCP).

The project is a long-running longitudinal study of males in the Pittsburgh area who are at high risk for antisocial behavior and other conditions based on low income, family size and child gender.

“We know that cannabis use in adolescence is associated with outcomes like lower educational level, and difficulties with mood and depression, but through this long-term study, we’ve been able to provide a much deeper insight into this relationship, showing that certain characteristics

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