Antibiotics, tumor treatment among medical marijuana studies

‘Cannabis Man’ displays some uses for medical marijuana.

NORTH DENVER — More than 20 marijuana dispensaries in Northwest Denver offer remedies for a wide range of ills, from anxiety to muscle spasms to pain. Researchers hope that cannabis medicines will be more widely studied as remedies for some of mankind’s most problematic illnesses.

“Researchers in Britain and Italy found cannabinoids to be highly effective against drug-resistant bacterium, including the MRSA ‘superbug,’” said Jeremy Riggle, Ph.D., Chief Operating Scientist at Mary’s Medicinals in Denver. “If cannabinoids are a potential treatment for multi-drug-resistant microorganisms, that would be huge.”

In January, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine reviewed more than 10,700 medical marijuana studies published since 1999, showing substantial evidence supporting the use of marijuana to treat chronic pain. Existing research also supports its effectiveness in treating multiple sclerosis-related muscle spasms and chemotherapy-induced

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