Online Portals Guide Australian Doctors Through Medical Cannabis Maze

Doctors in Australia aren’t big prescribers of medical cannabis—not yet, at least. One of the main reasons is a complex prescription process, which requires jumping through regulatory hoops and coordinating with appropriately licensed pharmacies. Although the Australian Senate recently rejected tighter medical cannabis controls proposed by the federal government, the path to a prescription can still be a slog.

In an effort to streamline the process online portals are stepping in, offering doctors education on available products available and scientific evidence around treatment. Many even help streamline the process to secure the necessary regulatory approvals.

Such services have enjoyed early success in other markets. California-based HelloMD, for example, recently raised $1 million to expand its telemedicine business to medical cannabis.

In Australia, however, medical cannabis is considered an unapproved medicine, meaning it cannot legally be advertised or marketed. A narrow exception to that rule allows for

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