Cannabis Trend Report: How Marijuana Will Continue to Disrupt 2017

Welcome to the Inaugural 2017 Cannabis Trend Report. Created in conjunction with Civilized and Salar Media Group, we take a look at how cannabis is disrupting industry, culture, legislation, science and everything in between. 

Over the next few years we will continue to see great advances in the industry as more states approve legal cannabis use. North America should continue to see increased sales volumes, more scientific research, new products and expanding investor interest.
The caveat is that the industry still faces headwinds from inconsistent and unsettled federal and state regulations and the continued classification of cannabis as a Class 1 narcotic. This ongoing dispute stems from cannabis’ special political, social and legal role as a disruptive plant to established industries producing essential consumer items such as paper, plastics, medicine and clothing. But thanks to grassroots activism at the state level, the cannabis industry should continue to make advancements that benefit its

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