Health minister does not prescribe medical cannabis or give instructions to do so

Regarding the item in Tales from the Coffeeshop (Sunday Mail, 16 July 2017), claiming that doctors of the Oncology Centre of the Bank of Cyprus, received a letter from the minister of health, which gave instructions for the issuing of a prescription for cannabis oil to a patient, we would like to clarify that the procedure in the case of a request for the prescription of cannabis oil is the following:

The patient sends a letter to the minister of health, attaching the report from the doctor treating him, asking the minister to approve, as an exception, the provision of cannabis oil, as part of his treatment.

Subsequently, the minister of health, based on the authorisation granted to him by the law, sends a letter – always to the patient – with which he informs him about the approval of his request.

Parallel to this, the minister sends a letter to Pharmaceutical Services

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