Healing with Cannabis Pills: A True Story

Image Courtesy of Debbie and Harold Pearman

Diagnosed a year ago in July, Harold Pearman and his loving wife Debbie are fighting his Renal Cell Carcinoma with the help of hard-pressed cannabis tablets. Harold lost his right kidney from the disease years ago. Now, it’s reared its ugly head again in a batch of x-rays doctors took of his body last year. “It’s in my rib cage and spine and the doctors say it’s metastasized,” he said. It’s Stage 4 at this point.

Image Credit: pixabay

Harold receives chemotherapy pills and radiation, but it’s his recent addition of cannabis pills to his regimen that is bearing the most apparent results.

“Good news from the docs,” says his wife Debbie, who also started taking the cannabis pills to battle her own issues with

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