Philly 420: Abington arresting fewer white people for weed

In a striking example of dissonance in public policy, the affluent suburb of Abington is welcoming a medical cannabis oil dispensary while marijuana arrests in the township have increased and targeted black residents.

The recent fanfare around multimillion-dollar permits to operate under Pennsylvania’s limited medical cannabis oil law has overshadowed the alarming rise in arrests for simple marijuana possession across much of the Commonwealth.

Registered, card-carrying patients who can afford processed cannabis oil will have legal protection sometime next year. Anyone else who is holding some dried marijuana flowers –including medically qualified residents — could still be arrested.

In recent months, the township council in Abington spent time and energy passing zoning ordinances for medical cannabis oil dispensaries. Now, with state permit in hand, the company Terra Vita is preparing to set up shop.

Meanwhile, data on drug-possession arrests in Abington are simply disturbing.

Last year Abington Township Police

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