In Vermont, Students And Lawmakers Are Getting The Facts On Cannabis


As U.S. business and government continue to butt heads over medicinal cannabis, some educational institutions are turning to science to help elevate and inform the conversation.

Helping blaze the trail toward cannabis’ acceptance in academia is none other than the University of Vermont, which now offers a range of college-level coursework and training on the plant through its Larner College of Medicine (no doubt home to some other ‘berners‘). Ranging from online modules to the traditional classroom setting, courses are designed to give students and professionals a thorough, evidence-based understanding of the scientific ‘why’ behind weed–no more, no less.

For the past two years, UVM students have been especially quick to partake of Pharm 200: “Cannabis Past, Present, and Future,” the nation’s first-ever ‘higher learning’ course on the science of medicinal cannabis (so close, UC Davis). Pharmacology professor and researcher Karen Lounsbury, Ph.D., who designed the annual class

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