How Medical Marijuana Could Help John McCain With Glioblastoma

“If I hung up and I had brain cancer, I would explore a list of treatments and products” related to cannabis, said Jahan Marcu, a researcher and activist who works as a science advisor and auditor for Americans for Safe Access, an advocacy group in New York City.

Marcu was the lead researcher in a 2010 study that revealed how cannabis held great promise for glioblastoma treatment.

According to an article about the study published in the Journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, the combinations of the cannabis compounds THC and cannabindiol (CBD) “may represent an improvement for the treatment of patients with glioblastoma and perhaps additional cancers. It is also possible that other constituents of C. sativa that are not structurally related to cannabinoids could improve antitumor activity when combined.”

Later studies have claimed similar results.

“But this

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