Worldwide Clinical Trials advancing cannabis-based formulations – OutSourcing

Worldwide Clinical Trials is developing a pre-IND plan and designing pilot studies for evaluating the effectiveness of GB Sciences’ proprietary cannabis-based therapeutic, says CMSO.

As part of the consulting services agreement, Worldwide Clinical Trials will evaluate the cannabis company’s intellectual property portfolio and will assist with pre-IND planning.

Worldwide’s chief medical and scientific officer, Michael F. Murphy, MD, Ph.D., told us the companies held a meeting earlier this year to formulate a strategy for approaching clinical development considering the available nonclinical data, GB Sciences’ pipeline status, the competitive environment, and the potential unmet clinical need.

GB Sciences’ wholly owned subsidiary, Growblox Life Sciences, has filed three provisional patent applications to protect complex mixtures derived from the cannabis plant, which the company said address twenty-six different disease-specific formulations within its intellectual property portfolio.

Following the meeting, three disease-specific formulations were selected for further development. Moving forward, the Morrisville, NC-based contract research organization (CRO) will focus on

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