LSU, Ole Miss talk medical marijuana programs

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – Few plants have created as much controversy as cannabis. Known as marijuana, pot, and a myriad of other nicknames, the federal government just calls it illegal.

Marijuana is considered a schedule I drug, which by definition means it has potential for abuse and no accepted medical uses. However, many researchers are challenging that last statement and digging deeper into the medicinal properties of pot. Soon, that will include researchers at the LSU Ag Center.

“The medical research on this, in terms of marijuana, is lacking in general. We have a lot of antidotal information, but not a lot of real clinical studies of if you do this, you get this outcome,” said vice president of LSU agriculture, Dr. Bill Richardson.

The Louisiana legislature passed a law allowing LSU and Southern University to cultivate and produce medical marijuana. Licensed pharmacies will eventually distribute the medical marijuana products to patients suffering from

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