Fake News: Anything Declaring Cannabis Legalization is Bad For Kids

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Legal cannabis has not resulted in an increase of teen use.

Last week, late-night television host and opinion influencer Stephen Colbert, a onetime purveyor of somewhat unreal news that was nonetheless more informative than “actual” news, declared our era of “fake news” dead.

If only that were so.

In the past year, “fake news” has appeared on Facebook in the form of outright false statements, created solely because they’d be shared like a bad stock tip.

Since taking office, Trump and his followers have deployed the term anytime a news story that’s the least bit critical appears. They cried “fake news” every time a story connecting the Trump organization to Russian influencers appeared — and since Russian agents absolutely contacted Donald Trump Jr. last year in order to tip the election in his father’s favor, “fake news” turned

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