Cannabis oil law creates hazy rules for some businesses | Local …

OKLAHOMA CITY — Business has been booming as word continues to spread that Lisa Jensen offers a unique product for pets.

For more than two months now, Jensen has been selling treats, oils and ointments containing cannabidiol — or oils extracted from the cannabis plant — to provide some relief for Oklahomans’ sick and aging pets.

Jensen, who owns Mann’s Best Friend in southwest Oklahoma City, obtains the product from a distributor. She then sells it for between $19.99 and $80.

“It just went wild,” Jensen said of demand. “People are just really wanting to try this. Really wanting to see the benefits.”

For decades, state leaders outlawed the sale of products containing derivatives of the cannabis plant.

But a little more than two years ago, they quietly passed a measure allowing Oklahomans to buy such products as long as they don’t contain traces of tetrahydrocannabinol — or THC — the psychoactive chemical found in

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