Help, and hope: Could cannabis possibly help fight cancer?

One of an occasional series about cancer, from a patient’s perspective.

John Kofel was devastated when a biopsy last October showed he had metastatic prostate cancer. Having had a daughter diagnosed with breast cancer in her 30s, he knew firsthand the nightmare cancer can become.

After Kofel made a follow-up visit to an oncologist, his mood changed from shock to anger, not that he had cancer, but at his doctor.

“He was very discouraging, in general,” Kofel recalled. “ ‘You might have 31 months to live.’ … Leaving, I was clearly dazed. I thought, ‘I’m a dead man.’ ”

He also knew that doctor wasn’t for him. (Memo to all cancer patients: If you learn nothing else from this ongoing journal, make sure you have doctors fighting for you.)

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