Cannabist Show: She throws female-focused cannabis product parties

Featured guest: Healthy Honeys founder Shannon Donnelly.


•  Nevada undertakes emergency measures as their weed supplies run low.

•  Women, Weed Wine and your wellness — this company helps throw pot parties.

•  Operating a cannabis company in states without legal adult-use or medicinal marijuana.


D.C. public weed use arrests nearly tripled last year: Arrests for the public use of marijuana in the District of Columbia nearly tripled in 2016 and are on track to remain high in 2017, public records show. More than 400 people were arrested in 2016 for public consumption of marijuana, according to D.C. police arrest records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. Records show 78 had been arrested as of April 5. That compares with 142 people arrested in 2015, the year that marijuana use – but

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