Can marijuana smoking cause lung cancer?

John Morgan, the lawyer who spearheaded Florida’s 2016 constitutional amendment to allow medical marijuana use, says that the Legislature has ignored the will of the voters by banning smoking it.

In November, about 71 percent of Florida voters approved the medical marijuana amendment.

To implement the new law, the Legislature passed a provision that defines medical use to exclude smoking marijuana.

Morgan filed a lawsuit July 6 asking the Leon County Circuit Court to declare the Legislature’s provision unenforceable. He says that while the amendment allows the Legislature to ban smoking in public, it does not allow it to ban smoking in general.

In the lawsuit, Morgan made some claims about the benefits of marijuana and then said this:

“Despite decades of marijuana being used for smoking in the United States, there have been no reported medical cases of lung cancer or emphysema attributed to marijuana.”

There have been people who smoked marijuana who had

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