How Does a Doctor Know if Medical Marijuana Is Working? Ehave Offers an Answer

Medicine is a unique discipline, at once cutting edge and surprisingly low-tech. For all of the advances made in medical imaging technology and pharmaceuticals, medical records remain a largely pen and paper affair. As a result, doctors may miss opportunities to better tailor treatment to individual patients. It is also difficult to monitor how particular treatments affect different patients–information that can be used to improve pre-existing treatments. Ehave, a digital therapeutic company, is trying to address that problem, working to develop a digital platform for mental health professionals.

“One of the biggest things missing in mental health is good, comprehensive data,” explained Teek Dwivedi, CEO of Toronto-based Ehave (the name is a play on “behave,”), in an interview with InsideSources.

Ehave developed a single platform, accessible on a tablet or computer, that allows both patients and clinicians to create and access detailed information about the day-to-day effectiveness of treatment options. It is akin to

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