Where does the green go? Marijuana taxes save lives, boost health programs

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Washington’s approach to marijuana sales and the dedicated tax money directed to  the poor, the sick and those in need provided a lifeline for Lydia Stanley.

“I have a place to live. I couldn`t ask for anything more right now,” said Lydia Stanley, a mother who is emerging from the haze of self-abuse and years of struggle.

“Losing my kids, having CPS involved, being a drug addict for 15 years,” she said.

Stanley sat in the Olympia office of Family Education and Support Services on Tuesday, nine months into recovery and healing – thanks in large part to taxes paid by people buying pot.

“I think it`s very convenient. I think it`s very ironic,” she laughed.

The program was a pilot project fully funded by marijuana taxes, and is one of many funded by

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