Hemp-growing: first step to medicinal cannabis in Utah?

Researchers might pursue better understanding of hemp fiber production and use; growing hemp seed as a protein source; or the production and use of cannabinoid-based oils for medicinal purposes. Or, Ure said, they might look at improving cannabis cultivation methods.

Ure said she has been contacted by farmers interested in partnering with Utah State University to explore whether the fast-growing plant will grow well in Utah.

Those seeking growing permits will also have to submit their plans for preventing unauthorized access to their crops, and for disposing of the hemp after the research is complete.

The commercial sale of the residual hemp products is still prohibited in Utah, Ure noted.

Research institutions such as USU have been allowed to cultivate industrial hemp for research purposes in Utah since 2014, she said. Hemp production was authorized for research by that year’s federal Farm Bill.

Utah’s new rule on industrial

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