The Other 420: Cannabis Oil 710 ‘Holiday’ Gains Prominence Promoting Concentrated Marijuana

“It’s ‘oil’ upside-down,” Ti Filice, manager at Kind Concentrates, a local medical-marijuana products maker, said of the number. “It’s like one of those old calculator jokes.”

The day/time/number is not yet as famous as 420, the number that commemorates both a day of the year and the time on the clock for getting high.

But the cultural meme of 710 — also seen as 7:10, 7-10 or 7/10 — has risen to prominence in the last several years, driven by the increased sales of products made of or infused with cannabis concentrates.

Most peoples still don’t have a clue what 710 is, and even many former marijuana smokers have no experience with the products it represents. If you haven’t seen much marijuana since the 1990s, you might be surprised at the range of products that modern dispensaries sell.

Concentrates are made by stripping away the THC- and CBD-bearing glands from cannabis plants with

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