What We Do and Don’t Know About the Safety of Marijuana in Pregnancy

Illustration: Jim Cooke/GMG

Marijuana has a healthier image than many other drugs (or, depending on who you ask, alcohol), and it can ease symptoms like nausea that tend to crop up in pregnancy. But we are accumulating evidence that marijuana is probably not a great idea to use if you’re pregnant. In particular, the THC component can affect a baby’s brain in ways that you might not notice until they are older.

If you’re looking for a simple yes/no answer on whether it’s okay to use cannabis in pregnancy, I’ll point you to this categorical no from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. “Although there are limitations to the data on marijuana use during pregnancy…worrisome trends do emerge,” they write. Children who were exposed to marijuana in utero are more likely to have cognitive and behavioral

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