Marijuana now available for PTSD sufferers, but problems remain for NH’s veterans – Eagle

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers will soon be able to get a prescription for medical marijuana in New Hampshire.

Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bill last week that expanded the state’s medical marijuana law to include PTSD and genetic tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. New Hampshire first allowed cannabis use for medical issues last year.

The new regulations go into effect on Aug. 27.

While approximately 30 states have approved cannabis use for PTSD, federal attitudes toward marijuana can prohibit access for those most affected —veterans.

PTSD can be caused by traumatic events like the sudden death of a loved one, a serious accident, assault or war. The Mayo Clinic reports that it can lead to flashbacks, emotional distress and trouble sleeping.

It is especially prevalent among veterans.

An estimated 30 percent of soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War experienced PTSD, while 20 percent of men and women who served in Operations Iraqi Freedom or Enduring Freedom,

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