Local family looking for answers as epilepsy cannabis oil law delayed

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It was a battle nearly seven years in the making, but finally this year, Indiana lawmakers passed a bill allowing the use of cannabidiol or CBD oil for people with drug resistant epilepsy.

HB1148 went into effect July 1 and requires a registry for patients who use the oil. But July 1 has come and gone and there’s still no registry.

Without the registry, those families can’t go to the doctor and get a prescription for CBD oil. The State Department of Health is responsible for setting it up.

“I just wish that they could give these families something. Give us something. A date, a time frame. Anything that could get us to the next step,” said mother, Jess Hooker.

Hooker’s daughter Addi has epilepsy and her body rejects medicine. The law requires the State Department of Health to maintain a patient registry. Families thought the registry was being developed

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