Op-ed: Utahns are qualified to make medical marijuana decisions

According to Mr. Jay Evensen (“Voters aren’t qualified to make marijuana decisions,” June 28), Utahns are not able to judge whether medical cannabis should be made legal in Utah. He’s wrong, and I am evidence as to why.

I suffer from advanced degenerative disc disease. The bones in my vertebrae rub against one another and pinch the nerves coming out the side. At times, the pain is unbearable. I tried everything Western and Eastern medicine could offer to relieve the pain.

And nothing worked, until my doctor — when I lived in Seattle, Washington — suggested I try cannabis. I was skeptical, and as a faithful Mormon, initially resistant to trying it. But I was out of options, so I did — and it helped significantly, better than anything I had used before.

But now I live in Utah, where I can’t legally use the very thing that allows me to be a

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