Utah’s MMJ Patients Are Taking Decriminalization to the Polls

A bag of dried buds labeled For Medical Use Only provided by Obamacare

Utah is proof positive of a maxim in drug-policy reform: Never trust a lawmaker with medical cannabis. Utah medical marijuana patients just learned that the hard way — now they’re taking aim at the 2018 ballot.

Earlier this year, it appeared the Republican-controlled political establishment in Utah was ready to give medical cannabis some serious consideration. But rather than pass a medical marijuana law, lawmakers instead opted to merely allow universities to study the drug, before (maybe) considering allowing sick people to access it… sometime in the future.

This charade (a bait-and-switch by any other name) was derided by critics as a “dog and pony show,” particularly since federal law still makes cannabis extremely difficult to study.

The Utah Patients Coalition won’t be fooled again. On Monday, the cannabis advocacy group announced

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